Underside Drawer & Tool Rack For Lathe Cabinet

00:02 Drilling holes for tool rack with dull forstner bit.
01:27 Marking up the next piece.
01:45 I cut the ends out to make plated to screw through.
02:17 Securing the tool rack onto the inside of the panelled doors – keeping the front looking nice.
02:42 Assembling underside drawer housing. I’ve already installed the runners.
03:07 Assembling the drawer which has a tapered back to mirror the cabinet.
03:26 Setting up router table.
04:04 Tiling router.
04:20 Dry assembling drawer.
05:39 Gluing and nailing the drawer.
06:47 Drilling drawer runners.
07:01 Installing drawer to lathe cabinate.
07:46 Cutting handle.
08:09 Filling Drawer with stuff.

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