Will It CNC?? Cork / Making a Sanding Block

I wanted to introduce a new segment to the channel called will it CNC. The aim is to test the properties of various materials by introducing them to a project. So I’m not into yoga but this is supposedly a yoga cork block, and I don’t know what you’re really meant to do with this. But in any case it looks quite solid and when I knock it, it feels quite solid.
So I’m just going to cut a slice out on the table saw and use that on the CNC machine.
Essentially I just want to CNC what happens.
There we go.
It’s solid cork as far as I can tell.
That’s really nice, in fact I might buy more of this stuff. This might be an interesting material to make some sanding block out of. It’s a nice size in fact.
Ok I’m not sure if this is going to work but I am hoping I’ll be able to copy a text symbol from this search engine, and then turn it into a vector file in arts cam – in the software I’m using. So I just need to pick something that is fun. Will it do it? Dam it!
So I’ve resorted to using character based fonts like wingdings or webdings within the software as I can’t copy and paste things from the internet.
The ear might be cool.
So the eye is control+N. I’ve changed my mind, I’m not going to do the eye. What I’m going to do instead is, the mouse because I’m going to hold the cork like a mouse.
I’ll save the eye for some brass.
If you’d like to skip the cutting job time-lapse please press the annotated button on screen now.
It was a little bit off.
So in case anyone was wondering the feed-rate was at 1200 mm/min and the router was set to speed 3 which I guess mean it was about 15000 RPM.
If you’d like a feel a mild sense of influence over the outcome of this channel, please look at the poll in the information card where you can vote for the next material – a selection of cheeses.

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