Installing bCNC on Windows 10 64bit (Python 2.7.13 and Pyserial 3.3)

Ok in this video I’m going to show you how to install bCNC. this is the software I’m going to be using with my CNC machine. So the first thing you’ll want to is go to google and download python 2.7.13 – there’s several different versions and I’m downloading the 64bit MSI installer. That’s going to my download folder. And I’m simply going to double click on the icon and install that for all users. It’s installing on the C drive in a folder called Python 27. Depending on your operating system you will select a different version from the previous page. So once that’s downloaded, you want to find your system folder – you can search for that in the control panel, you want to go to Advanced System Settings, and then Environmental Variables, and select Path from the top display window. And then after the semicolon you want to write folder that you just installed the Python into. 😉 And that’s C:\Paython27 so make sure you type that in as I’ve done on screen now. Press ok, and then what we’re going to do is just go back to Environmental Variables, click on Path and Edit and you should see that in the window. Ok so we’re just closing all of that now. Once you’ve done that go to Command Prompt, again you can search for that by typing CMD. And just type Python and press enter and you should get some text which isn’t the usual error message you get in dos. Now go back to Google and search for Pyserial 3.3 and you want to download one of the files there. I selected the bottom one – the *.*tar.gz – You are going to need to download some software to unzip that. So if you go to the Microsoft store, you can use something called 9Zip and that’s an App you can install. Once that’s done your file should have a new icon and you’ll be able to open it with the App you just downloaded. So navigate to the C:\ and extract the files there. I’m making sure I don’t have too many sub-folders to navigate too. So I just copied the folder with all the files back one. Now you want to go to Command Prompt and Run As Administrator. Now you are going to navigate back to the C:\ so you write cd C:\ and then type pyseria-3.3 and now you are in the folder you can run the python install – so basically just type everything as I have done in the Command Prompt. I’ll also write up an accompaniment in the description. The final thing you need to do now is find bCNC and download it off GitHub. So you can go straight to the clone or download, and download as a Zip. I’ll copy (and extract) that to my C:\ and the file you want to use to open is bCNC Windows Batch File. So I’ll follow up this video with one on how to use the software once my CNC machine is up and running. It looks like a really good bit of software, probably the best software I’ve seen for GRBL controllers out there. So I hope this tutorial gives you the necessary information to also install it and use it. Anyway thanks again, bye.

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