100k Subscribers Hasn’t Changed Me…

Ok hello, I haven’t made a video on this channel for a little while and I wanted to just show you what happened in the new space that I’m in, and to let you know some good news. I’ve finally reached a hundred… thousand… chocks. I can’t even say it – it fills me up with so much emotion. I’ve finally reached the 100k subscriber mark which is quite a surreal number because I can’t really imagine what that looks like. Anyway I want to show you the room and show you what the state is and what I’m working on, so if I get up and get behind the camera. If I spin around this way you can see I’ve got all my organisers set up here. Some of my tools are in there and there. And I’ve also got some tools in here, and I’m kinda blocking the light. Over here is my larger controller which I’ve built using the duet 2 control board. And that operates this CNC machine here which is going to be my main machine. So I’ve been using this CNC machine to do drawings using a device that I 3D printed and assembled and designed – I should emphasis that. So this has been quite fun. I got a bit of storage at the back there but I’m trying to keep things away from the wall because I did have a leek. The extractors there but I think I’m going to have to change to a small extractor as this is too big for this room so that may going up on ebay soon. Random storage of misc CNC things which I’m keeping in case build more machines but I think maybe in a few months I’ll go what I’ve got in there and make a decision on what to keep and what I can possibly give away. As with the space downstairs I’ve put my clamps up on the door, and I’ve got some more random storage. It’s not full. I’m trying to keep things open for new projects. I’ve got my stools there, the clamps over here. I did film a video of how I made these but then I got a bit lazy and didn’t edit it. So we’ll see if that ever find the light of day. Up here I was thinking of starting re-wiring another controller. I’ve got plenty of space here to hang tools but there’s not much up there at the moment apart from the clamps and screw drivers, but hopefully over time I will start to populate this area with things that I need to grab on a regular basis. That where I sit to edit and drink tea. More storage over there, with some under-lights and a slightly deeper workbench and this is the other CNC machine again built based on the same design that I came up with for the larger one. Although the spindle (mount) is slightly different on this one – which you can see over here. And this is the one I’m using to help me put together a manual for the machine. And this is the manual which I’ve been writing recently to accompany the build of my CNC machine. What I’m hoping to do is to start producing the plates and selling the manual with a description of what you would need to buy in terms of material, fixings, and tools. And to provide a good description of how to assemble and think about building the CNC machine so that you can use it to dramatically expand the things you can do in your workshop. So that’s a quick update video, again I’d like to thank everyone who’ve stuck with this channel and checked in every now and then to make sure I’m still producing videos and wondering what the hell I’m doing. Hopefully this gives you a better idea and err, I’ll be doing more things in the future – providing I have the energy. And the thing that’s only relevant to UK viewers up to the 12th of this month – is to make sure to vote, unless you forgot to register because you were too busy being young, and then you’ll probably need to deceive your grandmother into not voting – because there really is a political age divide that needs to be balanced out in some way. I’m planning to vote for my local labour candidate because he has a nice beard, but I also believe their policies address key issues like the environment, shortages in our national health service, reining in companies which evade tax, and to see a long overdue investment in areas around the UK that has been neglected. And that kinda was the point the free-broadband stuff was meant to address. Just think there are poor sods on this island who can’t upload You Tube videos – they’re are stuck in dead-end jobs or worst still no jobs, with only the national lottery as a means of escape. I also believe the labour stance on Brexit is the only way that issue can be resolved or finished off, depending on your opinion. At the end of the day the original referendum happened, there’s no denying that, but it was like a vote on whether people wanted to eat. Now we know they were hungry, deciding on what to eat isn’t as mental as some people claim it is. If it was as simple as putting it in the microwave as unelected minority government toe-rag Borrisey claims, it would have been done by now. And before someone say well deciding on what to eat means the option to remain is like not eating– well maybe it’s late, and maybe you suffer from indigestion, and while you may want a ready-meal with all that salt and saturated fats, the option to remain is like eating a salad – it’s boring but probably better for you.
Anyhow, do the right thing, and between us the real reason I’ll be voting is I just think it’ll be brilliant to see Jeremy Corbyn present a marrow to the Queen in the final season of the Crown. I look forward to your thoughts in the comments and you will be seeing me soon.

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