Toilet Roll Tube Monopod / Mobile Phone Filming Kit DIY

In this video I use some luxurious toilet paper tubing to make a holder for my mobile phone – so it can be used to film with and produce non vomit inducing footage. To make this essential piece of filming apparatus, you’ll need a pair of scissors and to have collected two toilet paper tubes by whatever means necessary.

I am using tubes which are 50mm in diameter and 104mm tall.

I begin by cutting two rectangles from one end of a single tube roughly 14mm by 35mm. This cut out will later cradle the phone horizontally for landscape filming. If you need to film in portraiture try experimenting with different shaped cut-outs.

On the opposite side of the same tube, I make 8 equidistant and parallel cuts roughly 30mm in. I push alternative tabs towards the centre, and place this onto the second tube interlocking the sections.

This will allow for a two-level filming position. If you are rich with toilet paper, you could go higher but the higher the phone the further it will fall.

To provide me with a variation of filming angle I also cut one side of the cradle to produce a slant or taper. This increases the top of the opening to 24mm. If I place the phone with the camera face against the slant – the camera films downwards, in this case onto my electronics. If I rotate this apparatus around and the camera is facing away from the slant, the camera faces and films upwards. Pushing the camera towards the vertical edge results in filming straight ahead.

So that’s a simple tool to help you film with your mobile phone, as well as my audition to become a Blue Peter presenter. If you’d like to see more videos like this, please encourage me by sacrificing a thumb down below, and if plan to make this or to improve on the design – send or tag me in your photographs over on Instagram or the contact section of my website – links to which are in the description. And that leaves me with the final thing to say which is thanks again for watching, and keep well.

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