Moot_Three CNC Machine Plans – CAD/BOM


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This listing includes the 3D model for the Moot Three CNC machine ONLY. This is the next iteration in the Moot series, and follows on from the previous Moot_One and Moot_Two desktop CNC’s. This version is designed around larger profile the SBR20 linear rails and SFU1605 ball screws. Make sure you have software able to open *.stp or *.step files as there is no illustrated manual.

The machine itself (not including electrical controller) and minus the parts you would make yourself such as the plates and 3D printed components, you are looking at £750 roughly. I bought the linear rails and ball screws as a bundle which cost around £230, aluminium profile and t-nuts was £180, steppers around £100, remaining fixings around £120, and remaining parts such as drag chain and spindle mount £120. When you add a spindle and good quality electronics you are always looking at between 1 to 1.5k.

The cutting capacity is 430 along the X axis and 830 along the Y, and 100mm along the Z axis.

The part count for the Moot_Three is 772, compared to 1076 for the Moot One.

This listing includes:

  • Manual with parts listed in stages, and bill of material
  • 3D CAD model as *.*STP
  • 3D printed parts *.*STL files
  • CNC plates *.*DXF files
  • SBR20 drilling jig files


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